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How to fix “Outlook Data file cannot be accessed” error in outlook 2013.

“Outlook data file cannot be accessed” error may occur if the Outlook profile is corrupt or when you move the “Outlook .PST” file to another location – on your local disk or to another computer. The error screen appears as follows, in Microsoft Outlook 2013. You can also create a Personal folder (.PST) file in Microsoft Outlook […]

Get notifications for Important emails in Outlook 2016

Sometimes you want to get instant notifications for important emails that could be from your boss, relative or someone else whose emails are important to be notified immediately. Follow these steps to make sure you get notification for important emails: Select the email of particular person whose emails are important. Right click on that email. From the context […]

How to add RSS Feed in MS Outlook 2013.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary.” If you already use Microsoft Outlook for your email, you can also use it to subscribe to RSS feeds. You can subscribe RSS Feed in any website. In outlook, click “File” tab. Click on “Options”. Click on “Advanced” option and check both items “Any RSS….” […]

How to enable automatic spell check in MS Outlook 2010.

Spelling and grammar mistakes can distract readers from the work that you put into your documents, so you want to eliminate these mistakes. In outlook 2010, you can easily check spellings in your email document before sending. Click on “File” tab. Select “Options” from the menu drop-down. Click on “Mail” option and check “Always check spelling […]

How to create electronic business cards in MS Outlook 2010.

Business cards in Outlook 2010 begin as contacts. Click “Contacts”. Click on “New Contact” in the home ribbon.Refer the image. Fill out your contact information. This information is automatically mapped onto your business card on the right-hand side. Click on “Business card”. Now, “Edit Business Card” window opens up. You can set layout (left, right, […]

How to work with multiple calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 introduced some calendar enhancements that makes it easier to stay on top of your appointments and coordinate the schedules of everyone on your team. Click on “Calendar” icon in the navigation bar (refer the image). You can view calendars on your window screen. Create a new calendar by right clicking on “Calendar” […]

How to use voting button in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Microsoft Outlook’s “Use Voting Buttons” is a useful feature, which can help you create an easy poll, and help you collect your colleagues’ or friends’ decisions, from with-in email messages easily. You can also create voting buttons in Microsoft Outlook 2013. Click here to know this process. In Outlook 2013, click on “New Email”  in the “New” group […]

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