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How to display the total number of messages in a folder in outlook 2013

By default outlook displays the number of unread massages on most mail folders but if you want to know the total number of mails both read and unread in the folder you can follow these simple steps

Step 1 : If all mails have been read in the inbox, it will not show you any number as in the image below.

outlook 2013 1 display total massage inbox

Step 2 : Right-click “Inbox” and go to “Properties..”.

outlook 2013 2 display total massage properties

Step 3 : In “Inbox Properties” dialog box, in general tab, select “Show total number of items” and then click “OK”.

outlook 2013 3 display total massage show total

Step 4 : Now you can see the inbox will display you the total number of emails –  read or unread, both.

outlook 2013 4 display total massage displayed


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