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How to fix “Outlook Data file cannot be accessed” error in outlook 2013.

“Outlook data file cannot be accessed” error may occur if the Outlook profile is corrupt or when you move the “Outlook .PST” file to another location – on your local disk or to another computer. The error screen appears as follows, in Microsoft Outlook 2013. You can also create a Personal folder (.PST) file in Microsoft Outlook […]

How to enable conversation view in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Conversations allow you to reduce clutter in your inbox and follow email chains by grouping similarly-titled emails together. To enable this view in Microsoft Outlook 2013, follow these steps: Click the “View” tab at the top of your Outlook home screen. Check the box that says “Show as Conversations”. To turn it off instead, uncheck the box. […]

How to fix views not saving the group by expand/collapse state in Outlook 2013.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 has “View Settings” option on how it should handle the expand/collapse state for the Group by function. To solve more troubleshooting issue like here excel attachment not responding in Outlook 2013. Open Microsoft outlook 2013. Click on “View” tab. Click on “View Settings” option. “Advanced View Settings Compact” window appears. Click on “Group […]

How to Minimize SPAM in Outlook 2013

If you have an email account then you will get spam. Outlook gets all spam emails in “Junk E-mail” folder automatically. To minimize spam in Microsoft Outlook 2013, follow these steps: To check spam emails click on “junk Email” folder. If you want to filter spam, click on “Junk” drop down button under “Home” ribbon option. […]

How to troubleshoot Outlook 2013 when user is not able to send or receive e-mails

1. When Outlook program fails to Send or Receive email, there can be several reasons for this as mentioned below: Incorrect mail settings Anti-virus software blocking emails Outlook profile incorrect Problem with outlook application download/installation 2.Outlook in safe mode: Open Outlook in Safe Mode by pressing “CTRL” key. When you click on outlook shortcut in programs, hold […]

How to resolve not responding excel attachment in outlook 2013

Go to “Control Panel”. Select “Programs”. Click on “Uninstall a program”. Now, right click on “Microsoft office 365” and select on “Change”. Click repair button. And close all windows. Open Microsoft Outlook 2013 and go to “File” -> “Options”. Select options menu. Select “Trust Center” and click on “Trust Center Settings”. Go to “Attachment Handling” and click on […]

How to format a message in outlook 2013.

Firstly, compose an email. To bold a text or line. To increase font size in your document. To set background color. To set Fill Effects option. To insert online picture in your document. To use “Picture Tools”. Reflected rounded rectangle tool used in following image. To insert picture shadow. To increase/decrease indent. Click to know Conditional […]

How to resolve problems with Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Search

Open Microsoft outlook 2013. Go to “Tools” menu. Select “Instant Search” option and click on “Search Options”. Check personal and archive folders. Click on “OK”. Go to the “Control Panel”. Select the “Indexing Options” and click on “Modify” (see image) Now, check “Internet Explorer History” and click “OK”. Now, click on close button and restart your […]

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