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How To Fix Outlook 2019 Synchronization Errors – 0X80004005 AND 0X8004102A

When working with the Desktop version of Microsoft Outlook 2019, you might get synchronization errors – 0X80004005 AND 0X8004102A – when Outlook is trying to send/receive emails. The complete error may be either of the following – “Task reported error 0x8004102A Error with Send/Receive. There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy.” Or “Sending and […]

How to fix Synchronization error with repairing PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Microsoft Outlook 2019 software is used to access emails without directly accessing the OWA. With this software, you can compose, send and receive messages without accessing the official web version of Outlook. The user feels stuck and is at a loss of productivity when the Microsoft Outlook 2019 software cannot synchronize with the Web interface. […]


When you install Microsoft’s Office applications suite, the one application which gets installed is ‘Microsoft Outlook’. It’s a tool used to send-receive emails to your contacts. With Outlook 2019 you need not log into the Web Interface of your email service for checking your emails. In Microsoft Outlook 2019 – ‘Outlook data file cannot be […]

How to search POP and IMAP settings in Office 365

When configuring Outlook for Web in Outlook 2016, you sometimes need to know the POP/IMAP settings, if automatic configuration fails. To check the pop/imap settings for your Microsoft Office 365 account, follow these steps – Login into Microsoft Office 365 for web. Click the Gear icon or “Settings” on the top right corner and select […]

How to manage storage space in Outlook 2016

Sometimes, your email inbox becomes heavy with emails that exceeds the inbox limit, then you need to clear your inbox. You may want to periodically clean-up your inbox, for this outlook offers clean-up tool that also lets you know the amount of space being consumed. Now, we will discuss how to cleanup inbox. First go to “File” […]

How to enable conversation view in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Conversations allow you to reduce clutter in your inbox and follow email chains by grouping similarly-titled emails together. To enable this view in Microsoft Outlook 2013, follow these steps: Click the “View” tab at the top of your Outlook home screen. Check the box that says “Show as Conversations”. To turn it off instead, uncheck the box. […]

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