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Win32.Vapsup.nyl Win32.Vapsup.nyl is a malware that changes its name frequently to avoid detection. It is generally very tough to detect this malware in a system. The malware affects the registry of the system and leaves it dysfunctional. The numerous problems it creates with the system can give users a hard time to even switch on […]


Trojan.Fotomoto.A Trojan.Fotomoto.A is a Trojan which is used to temper with system security settings. Trojan.Fotomoto.A establishes contact with an internet server after affecting a system. It transfers the gathered information from the system to a remote server and also receives new instructions. The information includes the date the infected system was added to the database […]


ExtenBro.AK ExtenBro.AK is Trojan which will revise the registry entries and files without the user’s consent. This can lead to a change in the desktop background, System Language Homepage Preferences and Search Engine Preferences. The browser is redirected to certain unwanted websites and cause great deal of frustration for the user. Spam emails, pornographic websites […]


Backdoor.IRCBot.SC Backdoor.IRCBot.SC is a virus with high damage potential. It is one of the sophisticated viruses that first create a thread to check if it is being debugged by a user level debugger. It copies itself into the Windows system directory as a windows service with the name “wgareg”. Since it registers as a Windows […]


Win32.Trafrox Win32.Trafrox is a virus that can cause high damage to the infected system. As soon as it infects the system, the virus starts executing its code. It copies the files inside the System folder and denies user access by flashing Administrator Consent Required to Access messages. The virus creates a registry value called “services” […]


Backdoor.Cmder.L Backdoor.Cmder.L is a virus that is spread by the carrier Trojan. It comes as a dynamic link library (dll) file; the virus divides itself into 3 parts for carrying out different functions. The three functions allocated to the 3 parts are WorkOne, WorkOne_t and SecondWork. WorkOne usually makes sure the virus successfully copies itself […]


Win32/Chksyn.AQ Win32/Chksyn.AQ is a virus that affects Windows based operating systems. It usually gets inside the system by talking advantage of out-of-date applications on the system. It copies itself with a random name and keeps changing its name and location inside the system to avoid easy detection. It also captures information on the online activities […]


Farfli.PZ Farfli.PZ is a Trojan horse which acts as a catalyst to add more malware on the infected system. It modifies the system registry entries and system files. The Trojan ensures that it is automatically executed when the system is rebooted. It exposes the system to be attacked by other malware; the Trojan is also […]


Adware.NaviPromo.Gen.5 Adware.NaviPromo.Gen.5 is a malware that uses rootkit techniques to hide its files. The files are hidden on the disk and memory of the system. It infects the system and gives no real indication of its activities to the user. It is passed on to the system with software available for download from sites such […]


Hoax.Win32.Renos.cgh Hoax.Win32.Renos.cgh is Trojan virus which replicates itself and makes changes in the system files. It is carried by a range of channels from emails and malicious web pages to removable media and network sharing platforms. It kicks off every time a system is rebooted and consumes most of the system’s resource to slow down […]

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