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Setup Multiple Offices Phone System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Multiple Offices Medium and large scale organizations today have offices at multiple locations. They may have multiple offices in the same city, or offices separated by a few floors in the same building. A Multiple PBX Host can offer workability in tandem for all the offices at the same time. […]

VoIP Phone System Chicago

Chicago Area VoIP Solutions A dependable commercial phone solution is essential for small businesses, but the cost of traditional business phone systems may be out of reach for an up and coming business. VoIP phone systems cut down the costs associated with a commercial phone solution and integrates with your existing data network. VoIP phone […]

VOIP System Feature Call Transfer

VoIP Phone System Feature – Call Transfer One of the most fundamental PBX Phone system features, Call Transfer offers a great deal of privacy to users. Among various locations, the in-built Call Transfer feature allows users to transfer their calls to another number, user or voicemail. The user can choose either of the two convenient […]

Caller ID a Basic Phone System Feature

VoIP Phone System Feature – Caller ID The Caller ID is an essential and common feature of every PBX. It is designed to enable a user to identify the source of an incoming call. When the Caller ID feature is in place, caller’s identity is displayed on the screen of the phone. Just like incoming […]

VoIP Phone Call Recording Options

VoIP Phone System Feature – Call Recording A highly useful feature, Call Recording allows users on the private phone network to easily record conversations. Calls can be recorded by callers and recipients both. The feature is especially used for call quality reviews and training programs. Call Recording can be always ‘ON,’ if the need be […]

Configure Call Forwarding on VoIP PBX

VoIP Phone System Feature – Call Forwarding Call Forwarding is a very simple yet highly useful PBX feature. It allows the user to forward calls from a particular location to a specific extension or location. Once Call Forwarding has been activated for a location on the network, the incoming calls are ‘redirected’ to the desired […]

Call Parking on your VoIP Phone System

Call Parking There are times when a user or the intended recipient is not in a position to immediately take a call. It is on such occasions that the Call Parking facility of PBX comes very handy. With ‘Call Parking’ feature, a user can ‘park’ certain incoming calls in the ‘parking lot.’ Each one of […]

IVR Auto Attendant on VoIP System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Auto-Attendant/IVR The IVR or Auto Attendant as we know it significantly reduces the work load on the front desk. In any business environment, where a large number of calls from clients or customers are received on a daily basis, an IVR system can help automate the process of attending to […]

VoIP Virtual Machine eXtension Locator

VoIP Phone System Feature – VMX Locator VMX stands for Virtual Machine eXtension. This facility overlaps some features of Follow ME but offers greater configuration control overall. VMX is in particular used for better management of the voicemail system of different users on the private phone network. In basic terms, this system is much like […]

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