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Setup Multiple Offices Phone System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Multiple Offices

Medium and large scale organizations today have offices at multiple locations. They may have multiple offices in the same city, or offices separated by a few floors in the same building. A Multiple PBX Host can offer workability in tandem for all the offices at the same time. An organization may have presence in Miami, Texas or Toronto, but it can get all of the offices on one private telephone network by using a hosted PBX. .

Initially, each one of these locations needs to have its independent PBX; this PBX can be later configured to work with all the other PBX’s running in the company. The impact of this multiple configuration is huge. Many companies have achieved major cost reductions by making use of Multiple PBX host. Employees can hold meetings and conferences between offices, transfer calls from one location to another and make internal calls to other employees, free of cost. This is an advanced, modern age feature that is designed to boost the productivity and efficiency of an organization.


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