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Business Telephone Systems Chicago

Business Telephone Systems in Chicago by Technology Experts

We provide affordable telephone systems for the small business community

Your small business is making big strides in progress. You’ve had to upgrade to a new location in Chicago, your products are flying off the shelf, and you suspect you’re going to be a household name in certain circles. You have customers calling in for help, businesses wanting to partner with you, and a whole slew of vendors who supply you. Your old office phone systems can’t keep up with your current demands. It’s time to consider business phone systems.

Benefits of Small Business Telephone Systems

Your small business phone system has the ability to make you seem significantly larger than you are. When a customer calls in and you pick up directly, you don’t project the same kind of professionalism as you would if the customer goes through a private branch exchange, or PBX phone system, before reaching the most appropriate person to take the call. A phone menu not only helps your professional image, it also allows you to provide automated information such as your store hours so your employees’ time isn’t taken up with constant phone calls. These types of telephone systems create a more efficient work flow for your business in Chicago.

Office telephone systems also provide each employee with their own extension, so if someone needs to contact that specific employee directly they aren’t taking up any other person’s time while they make their contact. You cut down on wasted time and inefficient telephone systems for business when you switch from the landline that came with the property to commercial telephone systems.

Standard Telecommunication Systems Features

It’s a whole new world of phone features when you switch to a PBX system. Here are a few of the best features commercial telephone systems have to offer small businesses:

  • Employee extensions
  • Call attendant
  • Automated information
  • Automated directory services
  • Auto dialing
  • Call forwarding all calls to another number or extension
  • Hold
  • Group calling
  • Transfer a call
  • Connect to a call on a different extension
  • Hunt groups ring other lines when the initial line is busy

Some common brands you find in the small business telephone system world include:

  • NEC telephone system
  • Panasonic telephone system
  • Cisco phone system
  • Asterisk phone system

PBX telephone systems can also interface with VoIP telephone systems for small business, giving you the best of both worlds with these set ups.

Ready to Grow Your Business in Chicago?

Our consulting company specializes in providing technology services for small business in Chicago area, with over a decade of experience. We help with telephone system installation, configuration, and even the ongoing maintenance of telephone systems. We even offer financing options to make this system more affordable. Get in touch today to discuss your telephone system options.


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