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Call Parking on your VoIP Phone System

Call Parking

There are times when a user or the intended recipient is not in a position to immediately take a call. It is on such occasions that the Call Parking facility of PBX comes very handy.

With ‘Call Parking’ feature, a user can ‘park’ certain incoming calls in the ‘parking lot.’

Each one of the parked calls is assigned a unique number for quick and easy identification. Any user with a phone on the private telephone network can pick the call according to his or her availability as long as she knows the unique number assigned to that call.

During the time when a call has been put on hold, the caller will be listening to the on-hold music while he waits to speak to the intended recipient.

In order for calls to be transferred successfully to the right person, it is important that the parking numbers are noted carefully.

During call transfer, the person on hold is informed of the extension about the destination to which the call is being transferred. In case manual transfer is not a preferably alternative, a parked call can also be accessed by dialing the specific number allotted to it.

The Call Parking facility is widely used in commercial establishments where the number of users and extensions is high. The front desk, for instance, can simply put the call on hold, inform the intended recipient, and pass on the access code i.e. unique number for accessing a specific call from the parking lot.

Example: “Mark, the sales rep from LA is on line 23.”

Mark just needs to dial the number 23 on any phone (on the network) he has access to. He will then get connected to the sales rep from LA.


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