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How to set new theme in Office 365 Outlook

1.To set new theme in your outlook, first Login with your Office 365 account on domain- ‘office365.com’ as shown in the image. 2.Go to ‘Settings’ from the top-right in the navigation bar and select ‘Mail’ from the options see as shown in the image. 3. From the “Options“, select ‘General’ -> ‘Change theme’.  The Change theme […]

How to use Clutter in Microsoft Office 365

Clutter service in Office 365, automatically analyzes the mailbox, checks the most read/unread emails, scans the emails and moves the unwanted unread emails that are in the user’s mailbox to a new folder called Clutter. To manage “Clutter”, follow these steps – Log into the Microsoft Office 365 account. From the “App launcher”, choose “Outlook” web. […]

Set up Office 365 on your Windows mobile phone

From the home screen select Settings icon. If the ‘Settings’ icon is not available, on the home screen swipe left and scroll down to ‘Settings‘. From the ‘SETTINGS‘ menu, tap ‘email+accounts‘. From ‘email+accounts‘, tap ‘add an account‘. From ‘ADD AN ACCOUNT‘ screen, select ‘Exchange‘. Now enter Microsoft Office 365 ‘Email address’ and ‘Password’, and click on […]

Office 365 App Launcher Features

Office 365 App Launcher in Office 365, provides a quick and easy access to your email, calendars, documents, and apps etc. We will discuss all features of app launcher here step by step: Login with your Office 365 account login details. 2.Click on left App-launcher to display apps as shown in the image below: 3.To […]

How to set outlook junk mail filter in MS Office 365

Log into your Microsoft Office 365 account. From the navigation bar, select the gear icon (settings) in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Mail” under “My app settings”, as shown in the image. Options window appears on your screen. In the Options screen, from the left menu expand “Mail” and select  “Block or allow” […]

How to enable online archiving for Office 365

Archiving in Exchange Online also known as In-Place Archiving, provides users with additional mailbox storage space. Archived mailboxes provide an alternate storage location in which we can store historical messaging data. Sign in to Office 365 with your admin username and password. Click the app launcher icon in the upper-left, and then click “Admin“. In […]

How to create an inbox rule in Office 365 Outlook

To create inbox rules that can automatically manage your messages as you receive them, follow these steps:- From the Outlook app, select the gear icon (settings) in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Mail”. Options window appears on your desktop. In the Options screen, expand “Mail” -> “Automatic processing“, and select “Inbox and sweep […]

Disable Automatic Email Forwarding in Office 365

1.If you want to stop automatic email forwarding in Microsoft Office 365, then go to office365.com and login with your credentials. 2.Go to ‘Settings’ from the top right navigation bar and then click on ‘Mail’ . 3. From the menu, expand “Accounts” and select ‘Forwarding’. 4. In the Forwarding dialog box, Start forwarding  (specify the email […]

Managing Conversations in Office 365

Conversations feature in Microsoft Office 365 allows user to easily group all emails with the same ‘Subject’. You can easily manage “conversations” from your Office 365 profile. Follow these steps on how to view “conversations” in your inbox. Login with your ‘Office 365’ account credentials. 2.Go to ‘Settings’ from the right top navigation bar and then […]

Create and Open a Shared Mailbox in Office 365

Shared mailboxes feature in Microsoft Office 365, enables a group of people to monitor and send email from a common email address. When a person in the group replies to a message sent to the shared mailbox, the email appears to be sent from the shared mailbox, not from any individual user. Follow these steps to create a […]

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