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Office 365 App Launcher Features

Office 365 App Launcher in Office 365, provides a quick and easy access to your email, calendars, documents, and apps etc. We will discuss all features of app launcher here step by step:

  1. Login with your Office 365 account login details.

office 365 1 login app launcher features

2.Click on left App-launcher to display apps as shown in the image below:

office 365 2 app launcher features

3.To see all apps click on ,‘View all my apps’.

office 365 3 app launcher features

4.All apps in app launcher will be visible be in “My apps” window.

office 365 4 app launcher features

5.If you hover your mouse over any icon, you can see the Settings of related app which prompts you to “Open in new tab”, “Unpin from home”, “Resize” and “More”, as shown in the image below.

office 365 5 app launcher features

  1. You can also access this menu from “My apps” window and on top of every app, as shown in the image.

office 365 6 app launcher features

7.If you want to un-pin any app from app launcher, you can do this from the options given on every app as shown in the image:

office 365 7 app launcher features

  1. Also you can un-pin from “My apps”, select the app you want to un-pin from app launcher. Click on the options from the top right of the that app (refer the image below).

office 365 8 app launcher features

  1. You can again pin any app to app launcher by right click on the top of the app options, and also you can pin app from my apps option too, as shown in the image below:

office 365 9 app launcher features

10.To pin any app to Top Navigation Bar right click on app’s options and select “Pin to nav bar as shown in the image below:

office 365 10 pin to nav app launcher features

11.Then you can see the app on the top right navigation bar:

office 365 11 pin to nav app launcher features

12.You can also Resize your apps by click on top right of the app to expand settings:

office 365 12 resize app launcher features

13. To view App details, click on  “App details” under the options.

office 365 13 app details app launcher features


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