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How to enable online archiving for Office 365

Archiving in Exchange Online also known as In-Place Archiving, provides users with additional mailbox storage space. Archived mailboxes provide an alternate storage location in which we can store historical messaging data.

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your admin username and 365 1 sign in for archiving
  2. Click the app launcher icon in the upper-left, and then click “Admin“.office 365 2 admin for archiving
  3. In the lower-left navigation of the Office 365 admin center, expand “ADMIN“, and then click on “Exchange“.office 365 3 exchange in admin center
  4. Go to recipients and select mailboxes 365 4 recipients mailboxes
  5. It will display the list of all mailboxes being used within your organization. Select the desired mailbox for which you want to enable “Archiving”.office 365 5 mailbox select
  6. In the details pane, under “In-Place Archive”, will show the “Archiving” status. Click onn “Enable” if archiving is 365 6 enable mailbox
  7. If you want to enable archiving for multiple mailbox in one go, select mailbox by either pressing  Shift or Ctrl keys from the keyboard and selecting the individual mailboxes.  After selecting multiple mailboxes, in the details pane, click on “More options…”.office 365 7 more option
  8. Now, under “Archive”, click “Enable“.office 365 8 enable all mailbox


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