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How to create an inbox rule in Office 365 Outlook

To create inbox rules that can automatically manage your messages as you receive them, follow these steps:-

  1. From the Outlook app, select the gear icon (settings) in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Mail”.office 365 1 mail option
  2. Options window appears on your desktop. In the Options screen, expand “Mail” -> “Automatic processing“, and select “Inbox and sweep rules” 365 2 inbox sweep rules
  3. Inbox rules” window opens up. Click the Plus (+) symbol to create a new 365 3 new symbol
  4. “New Inbox Rule” window opens on your screen. Fill all details as per the requirement. Refer following steps for further details:-
    1. Name: Enter the name for the 365 4 new rule name
    2. When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions: In this drop-down list, choose a condition or multiply conditions you want. We have selected “It includes these words > in the subject” 365 5 choose conditionNow, Enter the keyword in “Specify words or Phrases” box and click “+” symbol to add this word or phrases. Click OK button to save the 365 6 type word name
    3. Do all of the following: In this dialog box, you specify the action once the condition is fulfilled. In following image, we have selected – “Move copy or delete > Move message to the folder” 365 7 move copy delete Now, you can select any existing folder and create new folder/sub-folder, e.g. right click on inbox and select “Create new sub-folder”. office 365 8 sub folderEnter the name for sub-folder like “New One Drive Emails”. Click 365 9 new onedrive email
  5. Now you can see full details you selected for creating new rule in following image. Click 365 10 full details
  6. New rules are created. If you want to apply this rules, you can turn on otherwise turn 365 11 display rules
  7. If you want to check the new sub-folder created, exit from “Options and expand “Inbox”.office 365 12 display new subfolder


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