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How to Remove User Profile from Office 365

1.To delete  profile of one or more Office 365 user accounts, login with your office 365 account login credentials, and proceed as follows. Click the ‘App launcher’ icon, and then click ‘Admin’ as shown in the image below: 3.Go to ‘Admin’ from left navigation bar and select ‘SharePoint’ from the list of options. 4.In “SharePoint admin […]

Add Users in Bulk in Microsoft Office 365

1.To begin, log into your Office 365 site using an Admin Account. 2.Next, go to the Office 365 Admin Center. 3.Expand the USERS section in the Dashboard and select Active Users from the menu. See image below. 4. Here, you will see all Active Users. 5.Click on Bulk add icon as shown below: 6.Bulk add option […]

How to create a group in Office 365

A group in Office 365 is the starting point for the Distribution Groups (for details on how to create Distribution Group, click here). Groups provide a shared workspace where people can share files, emails and other information. To create a group, Log into office 365 and select “Mail”. Now select the “Groups” option and click […]

Office 365 – How to Create a Distribution Group

Office 365 allows you to organize contacts in your organization in different Distribution groups. These groups can be Open (accessible to any) or Closed (access is controlled by the list owner). You can even set a moderated Distribution group and determine who can send messages to the group. For setting up a Distribution Group, follow […]

How to Add Users in Office 365

Open office 365 login screen, enter your user name and password and select Admin center. Now select the “users and groups” option from the right pane. Click on “+” symbol to add a new user. Fill the details of user like First name, User name etc. Specify the “Admin” access to the user in the “Settings” […]

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