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Add Users in Bulk in Microsoft Office 365

1.To begin, log into your Office 365 site using an Admin Account.

office 365 1 login add users bulk

2.Next, go to the Office 365 Admin Center.

office 365 2 admin

3.Expand the USERS section in the Dashboard and select Active Users from the menu. See image below.

office 365 3 users active users

4. Here, you will see all Active Users.

office 365 4 active users

5.Click on Bulk add icon as shown below:

office 365 5 add bulk users

6.Bulk add option will ask to upload file of users that you want to add in bulk to your organisation, click on Browse, see the process in the image below:

office 365 6 browse csv file

7.If you don’t have ‘CSV file’ format then you can download it from here as shown in the image below:

office 365 7 download sample csv file

8.Choose the Path where you want to download CSV file and specify the name for the same.

office 365 8 download sample csv file

9. Edit the downloaded csv file as per your requirement and then click on Browse to upload the same.

office 365 9 browse csv file

  1. Click Open, as shown in the images below:

office 365 10 upload csv file

11.After select csv file, click on ‘Next’.

office 365 11 upload csv file and next

12. Once the process is complete, it will show ‘verification results’ screen.  If no error encountered, it will show ‘0’ error as shown in the image below:

office 365 12 verification

13. In case, you come across an error while uploading users in bulk, click on ‘View’ to see  log of error’d out records on the ‘verification results’ screen.

office 365 13 view

  1. Then check csv sheet.

office 365 14 verification results

15.You can see the Error as shown in the image.

office 365 15 verification results

  1. Make required corrections and upload again, click on ‘Next’ again to check if an error is generated or not. If no error is generated, then click on Next to go ahead.

office 365 16 next

17. In the “Settings” screen, you need to set sign-in status – for the user to be able to log in and access the services. Specify user location and click on ‘Next’.

office 365 17 settings

18. Next is ‘Licenses’ screen and you are prompted to ‘assign licenses’ for various services, as shown in the image. Then press ‘Next’.

office 365 18 assign licenses

19. Next step, you are prompted to receive the results of whole process via email. You can check the “Send email” checkbox, specify your email address and then click on ‘Create’.

office 365 19 send results in email



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