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How to create a Mail transport rules in Microsoft Office 365.

  1. Log into your Office 365 Admin portal and go to Exchange administration (“ADMIN” -> “Exchange”), as shown in the image 365 1 admin exchange mail flow
  2. Go to “mail flow” 365 2 mail flow section
  3. Under “rules“, click on “+” button and select the option “Create a new rule…“. office 365 3 create new rule
  4. The new transport rule window will be displayed. Give the name for transport rule in Name dialog box. Select the condition to apply this rule, from the drop-down. In following image, we selected “The subject or body includes…” 365 4 add new rule
  5. Enter the keywords you want to filter in text dialog box, as shown in the image 365 5 text name
  6. Click on Plus (+) symbol to add desired keywords and click “OK“.office 365 6 add text
  7. Next step, specify the action, if the condition is satisfied. From the “Do the following…” drop-down, choose any option like “Delete the message without the notifying anyone“.office 365 7 do option
  8. Select the Audit level and the enforcement level for the rule. Click on “Save” to save the 365 8 check all details
  9. Now, you can see the rule created along with it’s description on your window 365 9 test rule created


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