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How to create shared mailbox in Office 365

  1. Log into your Microsoft Office 365 365 1 login for mailbox
  2. From the “App Launcher” in the top left corner, “Admin”. Open the “Exchange Admin Center” from the menu, as shown in the image below…office 365 2 select adminoffice 365 2 admin exchange
  3. In the “Exchange admin center“, click on “recipients” and select “shared” and click (+) for adding new shared 365 3 recipients shared
  4. New Shared Mailbox” window opens on your screen. Fill the required information for creating new mailbox like “Display name”, “Email address” and “Users“. Click on “+” sign under “Users” to add all users who will access this “shared mailbox”.office 365 4 display name
  5. Now, new window appears on your screen. Select user(s) by searching them in the “Search” box. Click OK. In following image, two users – “user 1” and “user 2” are 365 5 select emails
  6. Now, you can see full information filled by any user in following image. Click on “Save” 365 6 save mailbox
  7. Go back Exchange admin center dashboard and see your created shared mailbox in your 365 7 create shared display
  8. For “mailbox delegation“, click on the mailbox created in previous step. In the new window, select “mailbox delegation” and click on (+) sign, to add new 365 8 mailbox delegation
  9. Select new user and click on “add”. Click 365 9 new user add
  10. Now, user add in your added user’s lists. Click “Save”. You can see all selected users in following 365 10 added new user
  11. Your shared mailbox is created along with mailbox delegation in Microsoft Office 365.


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