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How to access shared mailbox in Outlook web in Office 365 portal

Shared mailboxes allow a group of users to view, send email, and share a calendar from a common mailbox. If you want to access shared mailbox, you can use following steps: –

  1. Sign in to your account in Outlook Web and click on outlook onto the 365 1 outlook web app
  2. Click on the account name button on the top-right corner and select “Open another mailbox…” from the drop-down 365 2 open another mailbox
  3. Search for the shared mailbox that you wish to open. Select the appropriate shared 365 3 search mailbox
  4. Now, click on “Open” 365 4 select open mailbox
  5. Now, you can see shared mailbox on your window 365 5 display mailbox
  6. Right click on this shared mailbox. Some option appears in the list. You can use any of these options, as per your 365 6 options appears


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