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VoIP Virtual Machine eXtension Locator

VoIP Phone System Feature – VMX Locator

VMX stands for Virtual Machine eXtension. This facility overlaps some features of Follow ME but offers greater configuration control overall. VMX is in particular used for better management of the voicemail system of different users on the private phone network. In basic terms, this system is much like a ‘simplified but practically useful’ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for voicemail. This feature needs to be configured on the user panel of the PBX.

The VMX or Virtual Machine eXtension, offers additional leverage to the system for voicemails. The user gets more options to customize it as per his convenience. Some of its features are similar to that of an IVR.

Once a call comes in, it is redirected to the VMX Locator and a pre-recorded message is played to the caller. The caller gets a host of additional options for getting in touch with the concerned person. For instance, the caller can either leave a message on the voicemail or opt for any of the other suggested options. A VMX can also be designed to make the user appear busy or unavailable to all callers, if the need be. The VMX Locator feature is designed to reduce the total number of voicemail messages that pile up by the end of the day; it helps ensure faster closure for people who are calling.


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