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Is Insufficient IT Support Holding Your Chicago Business Back?

It’s about time you start using the IT to your business’s advantage and not against it.

Many small scale organizations in Chicago area choose not to hire a dedicated IT support company. They do so either because they want to ‘save’ maximum amount of money or they have little idea of the difference hiring a competent service provider can make in improving their businesses’ bottom line.

Make Shift Arrangement for IT Support Needs

Some companies just rely on an employee, whose love of computer games and minor operating system tweaks they believe make him an expert. Others just depend on friends and acquaintances for assistance or guidance.

But when critical systems such as your small business network, server or help desk develops glitches or runs unacceptably slow, how quickly do you think the problem at hand can be resolved?

Yes, you saved few hundred dollars by not hiring a dedicated service provider but have you estimated the sizeable losses you may incur if the problem is not resolved on time? Worst still, how can data loss or a security loophole impact your bottom-line?

Pondering on this question is important for each one of the small businesses in Chicago that still consider IT support costs as ‘extras that should be avoided’ and not as ‘investments that drive business growth.’

Relying on Manufacturers for Help

Some entrepreneurs believe they will get the required assistance from hardware manufacturer’s support center. For instance, they think they can just call up the telephone support line of the company that manufactured a router, sold a business application or provided a PBX system.

But when they turn to these support centers, they are only disappointed to learn that the system either requires reinstallation or it’s some other component that needs to be fixed.

Answers like these, for instance, are very common:

“It’s probably your Ethernet cable and not the router, Sir”

Who are you going to call next because the router (the manufacture’s support staff says so) does not appear to have any problem?

Needless to mention, the hassles involved (both in terms of time and efforts) are certainly costlier than having a dedicated, Chicago based IT support service team at your disposal.

Few Words of Advice from DP Tech Group

From experience, we know that such support methods are not really smart or cost-efficient at all. They only result in more down time, lesser employee output and complete lack of vision for using IT to your advantage.

Have you been relying on various makeshift techniques until now? It’s about time you explore better options. Call us at 773-358-1050 and ask an expert how investing in professional IT support services Chicago can help you grow your business.



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