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How to resolve problems with Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Search

  1. Open Microsoft outlook 2013. Go to “Tools” menu. Select “Instant Search” option and click on “Search Options”.outlook 2013 1 search option
  2. Check personal and archive folders. Click on “OK”.outlook 2013 2 folders check
  3. Go to the “Control Panel”. Select the “Indexing Options” and click on “Modify” (see image)outlook 2013 3 indexing modify
  4. Now, check “Internet Explorer History” and click “OK”.outlook 2013 4 interent history check
  5. Now, click on close button and restart your system. Again open “Control Panel” and select “Indexing Options” and click on “Modify” button. All check boxes should be checked except “Local Disk (C:)”.outlook 2013 5 restart computer
  6. Select “Advanced” option.outlook 2013 6 advanced option
  7. Click on “Rebuild”.outlook 2013 7 rebuild
  8. Click “OK” and then “Close” to dismiss the dialog.

This should fix the “Search” option in Microsoft Outlook and you should be able to search any email/attachment etc.

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