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How To Fix Outlook 2019 Synchronization Errors – 0X80004005 AND 0X8004102A

When working with the Desktop version of Microsoft Outlook 2019, you might get synchronization errors – 0X80004005 AND 0X8004102A – when Outlook is trying to send/receive emails. The complete error may be either of the following – “Task reported error 0x8004102A Error with Send/Receive. There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy.” Or “Sending and […]

How to fix Synchronization error with repairing PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Microsoft Outlook 2019 software is used to access emails without directly accessing the OWA. With this software, you can compose, send and receive messages without accessing the official web version of Outlook. The user feels stuck and is at a loss of productivity when the Microsoft Outlook 2019 software cannot synchronize with the Web interface. […]

How to resolve problems with Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Search

Open Microsoft outlook 2013. Go to “Tools” menu. Select “Instant Search” option and click on “Search Options”. Check personal and archive folders. Click on “OK”. Go to the “Control Panel”. Select the “Indexing Options” and click on “Modify” (see image) Now, check “Internet Explorer History” and click “OK”. Now, click on close button and restart your […]

How To Clean Up Your Mailbox

To clean up your conversation, select conversation. After selecting, right click on “Clean Up” from the top and then “Clean Up Conversation” from the drop-down. A confirmation message pops up and click on “Clean Up” to go ahead with the cleaning process.

Using Mail Rules to Process Messages in Outlook 2016

To create new rule, go to “Home”  and select “Rules” option and “Create Rule” from the drop-down menu. 2.Select “Subject contain” and “Move the items to folder” and specify the folder, where the messages should be “routed”. 3.Now you select folder which you specified as the target folder in the previous step. Different types of rules […]

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