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How to Assign Tasks to Other People in Outlook 2010

User can now get a great benefit from the new feature of outlook 2010 that is “Assign Tasks”. By assigning tasks you can easily communicate the work to-do with the team. While you are creating a new task you just need to click on “Assign Task” button from the ribbon, as shown in the image below:

outlook 2010 1 assign tasks

2. Another way to do, right click on the task in the task pane and a context menu will pop up, as shown in the image below.

outlook 2010 2 task pane

3.In the next step, you have to fill the email-id of the person to whom you want to assign the task. The screen layout should be similar to image below. After specifying the required details, click on “Send”. This will reflect as a “Task” in the recipient’s inbox.

outlook 2010 3 email account to assign task

4.The person, to whom the task is assigned, can add it to his list and can also send updates on task.

outlook 2010 4 update list of assigned task

Delegating tasks can boost team’s morale and increase a person’s efficiency and productivity.

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