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More awesome shortcut features in Microsoft Outlook

Find all emails with attachments in Microsoft Outlook. If you wish to permanently delete all items in deleted items folder, go to the File tab from the menu and click on “Info”. This is located on the navigation pane on the left. Select the “Cleanup Tools” and click on “Empty Deleted Items Folder”. Now, if you want to “Archive” […]

Flagging Message as Junk

Flagging some unwanted message as junk. Click here, To know how to use junk emails filters in Outlook 2010. Before there were only 2 messages in junk email folder. After adding one more,  it shows 3 messages as junk. If you want to restore message from the Junk, then right click on that message. Select “Not Junk”. 

How to work with emails in Microsoft Outlook

Firstly, you can reply to the sender. Forward emails received to others. Set message priority – High importance or Low importance.4. If you want to stop receiving e-mails from someone, you can add his or her e-mail address to  the blocked senders list.5. You can mark a message as “Unread”. By default, unread messages appear […]

Adding a Facebook and LinkedIn Account in Outlook 2013

You can add your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts in Outlook 2013. All you need is account details – username and password. To add your account. Now select “Social Network Account”  and select any existing social media account or “More” to add others. We select “Facebook” and click “Connect”.  Specify your username / password. Click to […]

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