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How to work with emails in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Firstly, you can reply to the sender.outlook 2016 1 reply to sender
  2. outlook 2016 2 reply to sender
  3. Forward emails received to others.outlook 2016 4 forward emailoutlook 2016 5 forward email
  4. Set message priority – High importance or Low importance.outlook 2016 6 forward email4. If you want to stop receiving e-mails from someone, you can add his or her e-mail address to  the blocked senders list.outlook 2016 7 block senderoutlook 2016 8 block sender5. You can mark a message as “Unread”. By default, unread messages appear in bold in the message list.outlook 2016 9 unread message6. Set “Filter” to view “Unread” or “Flagged” emails. Also can search emails.outlook 2016 10 unread messages filter7. Find the important e-mails on outlook.outlook 2016 11 important emails8 Three E-mails marked as important.outlook 2016 12 important emails shown


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