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Microsoft Outlook – Manage Rules and Alerts

1.To manage all your rules,  click on “Home “menu and right click on “Rules”.

outlook2013 1 managerule

2.Select your account and click on “New Rule”.

outlook2013 2 newrule

Click Next on the Rules Wizard and select “Apply rules on messages I receive”

outlook2013 3 newrule

3.You can select any condtition, as per your requirement e.g. “with specific words in the subject or body”

outlook2013 4 newrule


and specify word(s) as search criteria

outlook2013 5 newrule

After the condition is set, you specify the action(s)

outlook2013 6 newrule

4. Specify the name for the rule and specify the rule to run immediately and / or set the rule to be active or in-active.

outlook2013 7 newrule

5. Active rule is working.

outlook2013 8 newrule


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