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How to set schedule in Microsoft Outlook 2016

  1. Appointments are activities that you schedule in your calendar that do not involve inviting other people or reserving resources. In Calendar, click the Home tab. In the New group, click New Appointment.outlook 2016 1 create appointment
  2. To create an appointment. In the Subject box, type description. In the Location box, type the location. Enter the starting and ending time.outlook 2016 2 create appointment
  3. On the Appointment tab, in the Actions group, click Save & Close.outlook 2016 3 save appointment
  4. Display the appointment list.outlook 2016 4 display appointment
  5. To Send a meeting request, set up a time to meet with others and track who accepts the request. Firstly, In Calendar, click New Meeting.outlook 2016 5 set meeting
  6. Meeting list successfully saved.outlook 2016 6 save meeting list
  7. To set an outlook event. outlook 2016 7 set eventoutlook 2016 8 display set event
  8. To set and enable recurrence schedule.outlook 2016 9 set recurrence
  9. Now, you can send meeting invitation to others.outlook 2016 10 send meeting
  10. To add and save E-mail contacts in your outlook contact list.outlook 2016 11 add email contactoutlook 2016 12 save email contactoutlook 2016 13 display email contact
  11. Add to favorite contact in any folder or new folder.outlook 2016 14 add contact in folder
  12. To  send E-mail.outlook 2016 15 send emailoutlook 2016 16 send email
  13. To create a new task in outlook.outlook 2016 17 create new task
  14. Finally,display new task on your outlook window.outlook 2016 18 display new task


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