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More awesome shortcut features in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Find all emails with attachments in Microsoft Outlook.outlook 2016 1 has attachment
  2. If you wish to permanently delete all items in deleted items folder, go to the File tab from the menu and click on “Info”. This is located on the navigation pane on the left. Select the “Cleanup Tools” and click on “Empty Deleted Items Folder”.outlook 2016 2 delete items
  3. Now, if you want to “Archive” old messages.Go to the File tab from the menu and click on “Info”. Select “Cleanup Tools” and click on the “Archive”.outlook 2016 3 archive
  4. Archive files, folder and/or sub-folders.outlook 2016 4 archive folders
  5. To view archive file in “.pst” format.outlook 2016 5 display archive file
  6. To open data file. Go to file.outlook 2016 6 open archive file
  7. Choose archive file.outlook 2016 7 open archive file
  8. Archive files will be shown on left.outlook 2016 8 access archive file
  9. So, you want to archive an email just drag and drop that email to “MyFolder”.outlook 2016 9 access email


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