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How to fix Synchronization Error with repairing PST files in MS Outlook 2010.

  “Stellar Outlook PST Repair Tool” While using Microsoft Outlook you need to use outlook profile to send or receive email but due to some critical error saved outlook files. People generally synchronize outlook data for future use but sometimes outlook is configured improperly then outlook synchronization error occurred. If you need to reset outlook […]

How to manage storage space in Outlook 2016

Sometimes, your email inbox becomes heavy with emails that exceeds the inbox limit, then you need to clear your inbox. You may want to periodically clean-up your inbox, for this outlook offers clean-up tool that also lets you know the amount of space being consumed. Now, we will discuss how to cleanup inbox. First go to “File” […]

How to fix “Outlook Data file cannot be accessed” error in outlook 2013.

“Outlook data file cannot be accessed” error may occur if the Outlook profile is corrupt or when you move the “Outlook .PST” file to another location – on your local disk or to another computer. The error screen appears as follows, in Microsoft Outlook 2013. You can also create a Personal folder (.PST) file in Microsoft Outlook […]

How to enable conversation view in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Conversations allow you to reduce clutter in your inbox and follow email chains by grouping similarly-titled emails together. To enable this view in Microsoft Outlook 2013, follow these steps: Click the “View” tab at the top of your Outlook home screen. Check the box that says “Show as Conversations”. To turn it off instead, uncheck the box. […]

How to fix views not saving the group by expand/collapse state in Outlook 2013.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 has “View Settings” option on how it should handle the expand/collapse state for the Group by function. To solve more troubleshooting issue like here excel attachment not responding in Outlook 2013. Open Microsoft outlook 2013. Click on “View” tab. Click on “View Settings” option. “Advanced View Settings Compact” window appears. Click on “Group […]

Get notifications for Important emails in Outlook 2016

Sometimes you want to get instant notifications for important emails that could be from your boss, relative or someone else whose emails are important to be notified immediately. Follow these steps to make sure you get notification for important emails: Select the email of particular person whose emails are important. Right click on that email. From the context […]

Outlook 2010 sync errors – 0x80004005 and 0x8004102A

When using Microsoft Outlook 2010, you might come across synchronization errors, namely – 0x80004005 and 0x8004102A. To fix these errors, follow the following steps: open your outlook. Click on “File” and open “Account Settings…” from the “Info” menu. From the “Account Settings” dialog box, select the configured account and click on “Remove” to remove existing email account. […]

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