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Creating a New Contact in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Create a contact in outlook of client / customer to remind you the contact information like email address and phone numbers etc.

  1. To add contacts manually, go to “People” in navigation bar (refer image).outlook 2013 1 people
  2. This is a simple view of your contacts.outlook 2013 2 people
  3. To add new contact click on “New Contact”.outlook 2013 3 new contact
  4. Fill all the desired information like name, job title, email id, address etc.outlook 2013 4 information
  5. Add contact’s picture.outlook2013-5-pictureoutlook 2013 6 pictureoutlook 2013 7 picture
  6. To save and exit dialog box, click on “Save & Close”.outlook 2013 8 save close
  7. There is another way to add a contact from the email received. Click on “Mail” in navigation bar.outlook 2013 9 maiil
  8. Right click on any received mail whom you want to add in your contacts and select “Add to Outlook Contacts”.outlook 2013 10 right click
  9. Fill all the information and press “Save”.outlook 2013 11 add contact

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