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How to create follow up flag and color category in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Flagged email messages help you better manage your email.s When you apply a flag to a message or a contact in Microsoft Outlook, it gives you a visual reminder to follow up on it in some way. You can use flags with default dates, such as “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and “Next Week”, or customize your flags with specific dates.

  1. When a message is flagged, a flag appears for that message in the message list. You can see the image below.outlook 2013 1 show flagged message
  2. A flagged item also appears in the “To-Do Bar”, the “Daily Task List” in calendar, and in the “Tasks” view.outlook 2013 2 to do bar
  3. If flag a message, then you assign an email. You can see action items in this E-mail. Right click on the arrow and click on follow up flag. It displays mark complete message on your screen after clicking follow up.outlook 2013 3 follow up flag
  4. Now, you can see item add with flag on right side.outlook 2013 4 create followup flag
  5. If you want to be reminded to take action on a flagged item, you can add a reminder. Right click on new item and select the “Follow Up” menu. Click “Add Reminder”.outlook 2013 5 add remainder
  6. In the Reminder list, click the arrow, and then select the date when you want to be reminded and then select the time of day to be reminded. You can also select other information for the item in the “Start date”, “Due date”, and “Flag to” boxes.outlook 2013 6 date time
  7. To select the “Mark Complete” option. Right click on the item on the right side. Click on “Follow Up” and select “Mark Complete” option in drop-down list.outlook 2013 7 mark complete
  8. Now, no action is required to classify the E-mail. You can see in following image in which remainder icon and mark complete sign display you want to perform all action for email.outlook 2013 8 remainder mark
  9. To create color category, first click on the “Home” tab. In the “Tags” group, click “Categorize”, and then click on “All Categories”.\outlook 2013 9 create color category
  10. “Color Categories” dialog box appears on your screen. Click “New” button and “Add New Category” dialog box is displayed and type the name of category in the dialog box. Select “Color” in drop-down color list. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.outlook 2013 10 add new category
  11. If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut, under the “Shortcut Key”, select a shortcut. Again click on “OK” button. If you want to create a distribution list in Microsoft outlook 2013, Click here to know the process.outlook 2013 11 category addoutlook 2013 12 display category


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