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How to setup Outlook 2016 with office 365 account

Office 365 comes with pre-bundled application of Office 2016 and other services (depending upon the license assigned to you by your organization’s Administrator). Follow these steps to download/install Outlook 2016 on your machine and configure the same to use.

1.Open this link to log into Office 365 –

Login with your user-id and password as shown in the image.

outlook 365 1 configure login

2. From the “Settings” icon, select “Office 365” from the drop-down. From the subsequent window, select “Install Status” from the left navigation. From the subsequent window, select “Install desktop applications” to install Office 2016 on your machine. Select the appropriate platform – Window or Mac and the version – 32 bit or 64 bit, depending upon your OS. Refer below image for details.

outlook 365 2 conffigure install

3. The download of the installer will start.

outlook 365 3 configure downloading

4. Once the download is complete, click on ‘Run’ and wait for the process to finish.

outlook 365 4 configure run

  1. Confirm the changes by pressing “Yes”.

outlook 365 5 configure yes

6. The installation process will start and the following window will pop-up on your screen.

outlook 365 6 configure getting ready

7. Once the installation is complete, you will have Outlook 2016 installed on your computer system.

outlook 365 7 configure installing outlook

8.After the office package is installed, click on Close.

outlook 365 8 configure close

9. From the Start menu, search and select “Outlook 2016“, as shown in the image.

outlook 365 9 configure open outlook

10. It will start Outlook and will try load your profile, if already configured on your computer system.

outlook 365 10 configure loading profile

  1. If no profile is found, Outlook will open as shown in the image. Click on ‘Next’.

outlook 365 11 configure next

12. On the “Add an Email Account” screen, select “Yes” to connect to an email account.

outlook 365 12 configure yes

13. On the “Auto Account Setup“, specify the details like name, email address and the password. You can also opt for “Manual setup or additional server types” if you don’t want to go with Automatic configuration.

outlook 365 13 configure enter detail

14. Auto configuration wizard will confirm your password. Select the checkbox ‘Remember my credentials’ and press “OK“.

outlook 365 14 configure entering passward

15. The wizard will check your settings and try to configure Outlook 2016 on your computer system. Click on “Finish” to close the dialog box.

outlook 365 15 configure finish

16.After finishing the configuration steps, system will prepare your Outlook for the first use,  showing the progress (refer the image).

outlook 365 16 configure starting outlook

17. Once Outlook starts, ‘Accept’  to agree to the Microsoft Office License Agreement, as shown in the image.

outlook 365 17 configure first look

18.After this, it will show What’s New in Outlook dialog box. You can Close the same.

outlook 365 18 configure outlook extra feature

19. Check for “Connected to: Microsoft Exchange” status at the bottom (as shown in the image).Your Outlook 2016 is ready to use.

outlook 365 19 configure connected to outlook


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