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How to remove Connectors in Office 365

To remove connectors from office 365 outlook, follow these steps:-

  1. Log in with your Office 365 account details.

office 365 1 login for remove connectors

2. From the “App Launcher“,in top-left, select “People“.

office 365 2 people of group for remove connetors

  1. In subsequent window, from the  ‘Groups’, click on the Group Name from which you want to remove connectors.

office 365 3 groups friends for remove connector

  1. Once the specific group is selected, click on ‘Connectors’ in the Ribbon,  as shown in the image.

office 365 4 connectors remove connectors

  1. We already have attached ‘Twitter’ connector. View this to learn steps to add connector to your Office 365 account. Click on ‘Configured’ to expand, as shown in the image.

office 365 5 twitter remove connectors

  1. Then it will display the account details – Twitter handle and the User who added the connector. To add a new connection to Twitter, click “Add“. To view the existing one, click on ‘View’ as shown in the image.

office 365 6 twitter view remove connectors



  1. Click on ‘Remove’ from the top to remove the connector.

office 365 7 remove connectors

  1. Press “OK” to confirm the removal.

office 365 8 ok remove connectors


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