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How to add connectors in Office 365

To add connectors in your Microsoft Office 365 account, you must use Outlook on the web. Any member of the organization can add connectors to his/her account and is able to modify the same as per the requirements. Follow these steps to add connectors :-

1.Login with your Office 365 account details.

office 365 1 login for connectors

  1. To enable connectors for a group, go to ‘People’ from the “App Launcher” in the left, as shown in the image.

office 365 2 people of group

  1. In Outlook for the web, browse to one of your groups – (like we have created ‘Friends’ group).

office 365 3 friends group

4.Select ‘Connectors’ from the top ribbon, as shown in the image.

office 365 4 connectors

5.You will see a list of the available ‘Connectors’. You can search the connector that you want to add in Search field (refer the image).

office 365 5 all connectors

  1. After searching the required connector click on the ‘Add’. We searched connector for “Twitter” and then added the same.

office 365 6 twitter connectors

7. The Twitter Connector configuration screen will open. “Sign in” with your credentials.

office 365 7 sign in connectors

8.Fill all details for connecting your Twitter account to your Office 365 outlook group, and click on “Sign in”.

office 365 8 sign in twitter

This way you can add connectors for services like Bing, Trello etc. to make your team/group more productive and efficient.


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