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How to Turn On and Off Birthday Calendar in Office 365

The busy professional life tends to make us skip important birthday dates and parties. Office 365 Outlook calendar allows you to get a reminder for the important dates not to be missed. To enable or disable, Birthday Calendar, follow these steps –

1. Log in to with your Microsoft Office 365 login id and password. Refer the image below, will username/password and click on “Sign in”.

office 365 1 login for birthday calendar

2.Go to ‘Settings’ (gear icon) from the top right navigation bar.

office 365 2 birthday calendar settings

3. From the drop-down, click on ‘Calendar’, as shown in the image.

office 365 3 calendar settings

4. From the Options window, expand “Calendar”  in the left and select “Birthday calendar“.

office 365 4 calendar options

5. The “Birthday Calendar” screen provides options to ‘Turn on’ or ‘Turn off’ the birthday calendar feature. You can ‘Turn On’ the Birthday Calendar by selecting the “Turn on the birthday calendar” radio button and press ‘Save’.

office 365 5 turn on birthday calendar

  1. If You want to ‘Turn Off’ the Birthday Calendar, you can select “Turn off the birthday calendar” radio button and press on ‘Save’.

office 365 6 turn off birthday calendar


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