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Organizing Outlook Mail Into Folders in outlook 2013

In Microsoft Outlook  you can manage your email by  creating folder and subfolders. To know more about Microsoft outlook 2013, click here.

  1. To create a folder, right click on inbox and select New  folder.outlook 2013 1 folder
  2. Name the folder anything you want.outlook 2013 2 folder
  3. Now you can drag and drop the mail from inbox to your new created folder.outlook 2013 3 dragNdropclick on your newly created folder to view the mail in the folder.outlook 2013 4 dragNdrop
  4. You can also create sub foldersoutlook 2013 5 subfolder
  5. Drag and drop mail from inbox into sub folder.outlook 2013 6 dragNdrop
  6. You can also create main folder from move option in Ribbon.outlook 2013 7 moveoutlook 2013 8 newGive the folder a name of your choiceoutlook 2013 9 name outlook 2013 10 name

This is how easy it is to create new folders in Microsoft Outlook


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