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Instant Call Control on VoIP PBX

VoIP Phone System Feature – Instant Call Control

In a busy organization, complete control over the flow of calls is always a desired from a hosted PBX system. The Instant Call Control feature of a PBX system makes it easy to manage all incoming calls by making use of feature codes.

The feature comes very handy when the instructions on ‘how to handle an incoming call’ need to be changed.’

With Instant Call Control in place, the personnel at the front desk, a receptionist or support staff member, for instance, just needs to feed in the specific code and change the entire call routing process. The configuration can be altered again by entering the second code.

A perfect example which explains this feature is when a receptionist feeds in the code at the end of the day and directs the calls to a standard IVR.

It can be done quickly by either feeding in a code or by simple pressing the button assigned for this purpose (Red BLF or Green BLF, for example).


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