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VoIP Ring Groups Setup

VoIP Phone System Feature – Ring Groups

The PBX is designed to make life easy in super charged business environments where hundreds (and more) of calls are handled on a daily basis. In such environments, the PBX can successfully club together all available extensions in a particular department, together as one group.

For example, if all medical reps at a company have extensions 101, 102, 103 and 104, they can be clubbed under a single group named as ‘Medical Rep.’ Next time a calling party tries to reach this department at the company, all extensions clubbed under ‘Medical Rep,’ will start ringing simultaneously.

The ring options can further be classified as per the convenience and priority. Companies can choose from ringing all extensions at one go, ringing one after the other or ringing one at a time.

The maximum period of ringing grouped extensions can also be pre-determined. It can also be decided beforehand if the caller is to be put on hold (with the music on hold playing) while he waits or whether he hear the phone ring.

Ring Groups can be put to practical use when the callers need to be put in touch with anyone from a department as well as for internal communications.


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