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Virtual Telephone Conference Rooms on VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System Feature – Conference Rooms

The Conference Rooms feature of a hosted PBX can be used to create a ‘virtual’ telephonic conference room for multiple participants. A meeting can be conducted by roping in internal and external employees over the phone. The whole group can talk and discuss matters with each other at the same time.

An appointed administrator of the conference room can act as the moderator; the whole conversation can be password protected. In other words, only callers aware of the access password for a conference call would be able to hear the conversation. The participants of the conference join the discussion through an access code provided by the admin. A caller would just need to dial the direct number of your business. Once he is directed to the IVR, he can enter the access code as well as the password to join the conference.

Internal participants can join the conference by asking participants to connect them through extensions. The same does not work for participants outside of the private phone network.


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