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Motherboard Repair Services

Motherboard Repair Services

Does the power-light switches ‘ON’ in your laptop, but the machine does not work? Does your Wi-Fi connection continues to get disconnected? Are you seeing distorted lines on the screen?

These symptoms usually point towards a faulty motherboard.

We Specialize in Repairing Faulty Motherboards

We only deploy state-of-the-art motherboard repair workstations and can handle the most complex and machine specific repairs. We have been repairing motherboards from all kinds of manufacturers.

We will tell you upfront if a motherboard can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. In any case, our goal is to offer you the best value.

We promise to fix your motherboard at a price that is unbeaten in the market. We always offer a free non-obligatory quote to all our clients. Rest assured that there would be no hidden charges; prices are inclusive of shipping, labor and parts.

For More Information

Don’t give up on your laptop or computer so quickly. It is possible that it can get back to life quickly and easily.

Dial 630-372-0100 and tell us about the various symptoms. Get a free estimate and you are free to choose whether to hire DP Tech Group for the motherboard repair job or not.


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