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DC Jack Repair Service

Cost Effective and Quick DC Jack Repair Service

Are you unable to charge your laptop battery? Chances are that your laptop’s DC jack is in need of repair. Unless it has completely worn off or if there is no way to keep your DC jack from falling off the socket on the motherboard, it can be easily fixed on the same day.

Yes, there is no need to go for expensive options such as motherboard replacement. In fact, advising you on the most inexpensive repair option is what we do best. And no, we will not hesitate to tell you if the DC power jack of your laptop just needs replacement.

What Not To Do

Do not try to ‘get it working’ by merely plugging/unplugging repeatedly. Also, do not use a fake DC Jack or adapter as a temporary fix.

Get in Touch for DC Jack Repair

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We promise there’d be no waiting queues or delays in carrying out necessary repairs once your laptop is on our technician’s desk. Providing on-time and satisfactory services to each one of our customers, no matter how big or small a repair job is what makes us a preferred computer repair service provider in the region.


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