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How to create electronic business cards in MS Outlook 2010.

  1. Business cards in Outlook 2010 begin as contacts. Click “Contacts”. Click on “New Contact” in the home ribbon.Refer the image.outlook 2010 1 new contact
  2. Fill out your contact information. This information is automatically mapped onto your business card on the right-hand side. Click on “Business card”.outlook 2010 2 information
  3. Now, “Edit Business Card” window opens up. You can set layout (left, right, center) and change background color of your business card, including font color etc.outlook 2010 3 edit card
  4. You can choose image for your business card by clicking “Change” button, opposite to “Image:”. Browse the image you want to set on your business card. You can change the size of image by altering percentage in “Image Area:”.outlook 2010 4 card image
  5. You can re-order a field by selecting the field in the “Fields” section (bottom-left) and clicking the Up or Down arrows. Similarly, you can add or remove a field by Selecting add and remove button. You can edit the values as desired along with the styles. Click “OK” to close the window, once you are done with editing.outlook 2010 5 font style
  6. Your business card appears on your window screen. If you are satisfied with all the changes, then click “Save & Close”.outlook 2010 6 save close
  7. Finally, Business card added to your contact lists in outlook 2010. You can also automatic spell check in Outlook 2010, Click here to know this process.outlook 2010 7 display business card


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