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How to setup One Drive in Microsoft office 365.

You can sync One Drive with your Office 365 account to store all attachments there. Vice-a-verse, you can also access One Drive documents in your email. To enable syncing of contents between Office 365 and One Drive, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Outlook on the 365 1 open login screen
  2. Choose “OneDrive” app from the app launcher in the top – 365 2 select one drive
  3. You can view one drive welcome window on office 365 in your screen. Click on “Sync” 365 3 sync one drive
  4. Now, “Sync” window appear on your screen. Click on “Sync now” option. If Internet security window pops up, then you select “Allow” 365 4 start sync
  5. Now, processing starts with connecting the 365 5 server process
  6. Select on “One drive” from the task bar. Now, Popup windows for sync. Click on “Sync now” 365 6 one drive optionoffice 365 7 one drive- sync
  7. “Sync” process 365 8 complete sync process
  8. Your files are sync on one drive. If you want to view your files, click on “Show my files”.office 365 9 show my files
  9. Now, “One drive for business” items and “Shared with Everyone” file folder are visible on your 365 10 show file folder


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