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Customizing the Inbox

  1. You can customize the inbox view according to your requirements. Select “VIEW” tab from ribbon.outlook 2013 1 view
  2. Default selection is “Compact”.outlook 2013 2 compact
    1. If you select any other option from “Change View” like “Single” or  “Preview”, it will change your inbox accordingly.

    Single:-outlook 2013 3 singlePreview:-outlook 2013 4 preview

  3. Next is “Message Preview”. In this you can select how many lines from the message, you want to see under the subject.outlook 2013 5 message previewSelected 3 lines:-outlook 2013 6 3 linesSelected Off:-outlook 2013 7 off
  4. After all customization of your inbox you can save it as “New View”.outlook 2013 9 new view outlook 2013 10 new view outlook 2013 11 new view


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