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Music on Hold on VoIP Systems

VoIP Phone System Feature – Music On Hold

As the name suggests, this feature of a hosted PBX is used to configure a voice message to be played out to callers on hold or those who are currently moved to a call queue. The on hold tone or message can be configured in accordance with the demographic base of the calling party. A person calling in from a location where the native language is Spanish, for example, a message in Spanish can be played out to keep the caller engaged while his call is on hold or in a call queue. The music on hold can be repeated after a certain interval as per the configuration.

A common example of this feature in use is a message – ‘Your call is very important to ABC company and our sales reps would be taking it soon’ – played out every 15 seconds. It gives the caller an assurance that he needs to wait for sometime before he can speak to the intended recipient at an organization.

At times, an organization may also need to use a specific message as Music On Hold. If an organization is receiving too many calls regarding late deliveries due to a logistic issue, for example, it can use a custom message such as ‘We are aware of the late deliveries in California region. We are looking into it at the moment. If the call is not concerning the late deliveries, please hold on until the call is taken up by our support rep.’ In other words, a recorded message related to the pertaining issue is played for all callers to inform them that they are on the job, so that they can hang up with assurance.


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