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VoIP Announcement System Intercom and Paging

VoIP Phone System Feature – Intercom and Paging

An Intercom facility in a hosted PBX is used to facilitate internal communication in a hassle free manner. It allows employees in an organization to communicate with each other by simply dialing the desired extension. Employees can get in touch with each other by using the intercom facility even through a speakerphone. Two or more extensions can be connected and all parties can talk and listen to each other, simultaneously.

In a paging system, the messages can be sent to a group of people or individuals. Those who receive a message on their pager cannot send a reply back, through the pager. However, it is a useful feature when a large group of people need to be contacted on an urgent basis.

Paging and Intercom are two extremely useful features that are used widely all over for internal communications. The facility cannot be activated on a phone system hosted by a PBX. Also, it does not work on all phones.


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