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Share documents or folders in Office 365

You can easily share your documents and folders with anyone in your personal contacts or organisational contacts. Here we will explain the steps for sharing documents with other users.

  1. First login with Office 365 account at ‘’.

office 365 1 login sharepoint

  1. Go to App Launcher from the left top and then click on ‘SharePoint’.

office 365 2 app launher sharepoint

3. Under ‘Links’, you will find ‘Team site’. Click on it to expand.

office 365 3 team site

4.You will find ‘Documents’ and other folders under ‘Home’ as shown in the image below:

office 365 4 home features

5.If we want to share any document, click on ‘Documents’.

office 365 5 documents

6. Upload documents by clicking on ‘Upload’.

office 365 6 upload document

7.The document is uploaded.

office 365 7 uploaded document

8.Now you can share this document to anyone in your contacts by clicking on ‘Share’ option as shown in the image below:

office 365 8 share uploaded document

9.Share option will show – Invite people, Get a link, Shared with – to invite people fill the name or email address of the person, assign edit or view permissions and check the box ‘Require sign-in’ if you want that the user use his login credentials for security purpose and click on ‘Share’.

office 365 9 invite people

  1. Edit and View permissions.

office 365 10 can view

11.Search the person name or email id to whom you want to invite as shown in the image:

office 365 11 search name to invite people

  1. You can share document by click on ‘Get a link’ with different permissions as shown in the image below:

office 365 12 get a link

13.Choose options for link from Drop Down.

office 365 13 choose options get a link

14.You can also ‘Set Expiration’ for your document select the desired option and then click on Close, as shown in the image below:

office 365 14 choose options

15.Last option is ‘Shared with’ from where you can check the status of shared documents, press close after checking, see the image below:

office 365 15 shared with


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