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How to configure spam filtering in office 365 Exchange online.

  1. Log into Microsoft Office 365 365 1 login for spam
  2. Click on “App Launcher” in the upper left corner and select “Admin”.office 365 2 choose admin
  3. Office 365 Admin Center window will open. Select “Exchange” under “ADMIN”. Refer image, 365 3 admin exchange
  4. In “Exchange admin center”, click on “protection” and select “spam filter”.office 365 4 spam filtering
  5. Now, click on “Default” spam filter 365 5 default name
  6.  If you want to edit summary for this, double click on name. Following screen will 365 6 general setting
  7. In general, name is “Default” and description box is empty. Specify the descriptive text here and click on “Save”.office 365 7 general description
  8. Configure the options under “spam and bulk actions” as per your 365 8 spam bulk action
  9. Under “block lists”, you can add individual email-id(s) to be blocked to blocked or the entire originating domain. Click on (+) 365 9 block list
  10. In “allow lists”, you can specify email address(s) or domain(s) for the emails you don’t want to be marked spam, 365 10 allow list
  11. In “international spam”, you can filter emails originating from specific country/region and in a specific 365 11 international spam
  12. In “advanced options”, Advanced spam filtering (ASF) options give Administrators the ability to inspect various content attributes of a message. Click on save button after 365 12 advanced option
  13. Wait for some time for the changes to be 365 13 updating settings
  14. Go back exchange admin center. It will display details/changes in the summary 365 14 complete process


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