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How to set Email Signature in Office 365 Outlook Email

If you have an Office 365 account, you can create a signature for your email messages. Your signature can be added automatically to all outgoing messages, or you can choose to add your email signature only to specific messages.

1.First login with ‘Office 365’ account details.

office 365 1 login for email signature

2.Go to ‘Settings’ from the right top navigation bar and select ‘Mail ‘option.

office 365 2 mail for email signature

3. Mail options will expand. From the expanded navigation, select ‘Layout’ and then ‘Email Signature’ as shown in the image below.

office 365 3 layout for email signature

4. Email signature window will open, as shown in the following image.

office 365 4 email signature

5.Check how you want to use your signatures – Automatically for all messages you compose and/or in the replied email messages. Check the either or both checkbox as per your requirement. Specify the Signature with the desired formatting/image etc.

office 365 5 email signature

6. To use an image as your signature, click on the ‘Image’ icon.

office 365 6 email signature

7.Upload image from your device and click ‘Open’.

office 365 7 image for email signature

8.Image is uploaded as your email signature.

office 365 8 image for email signature

9.After making all changes, click on ‘Save’ from the top.

office 365 9 save email signature


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