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Managing contacts with People app in Microsoft Office 365

  1. Sign into Microsoft Office 365 1 login outlook web app
  2. From the App Launcher, click on “People”.office 365 2 people tile
  3. A screen will appear, similar to the screenshot below. You can manage your contacts here. Let’s start by adding new contact. Click on “New”, as shown in the 365 3 outlook window
  4. Now, fill required information for your contact in the dialog box like name, email address, phone number etc. Click “Save”.office 365 4 add contact
  5. You will see the new contact, in your contacts 365 5 display new contact
  6. You can also add contacts by searching them in the directory. Click on “Directory” in the left and follow the steps 1 till 365 6 directory contacts
  7. For creating a group, click on “Create” 365 7 create group
  8. Fill the details of the group like name, group ID (depends upon the availability of same in the directory/domain). Specify the description and the “Privacy” level. Specify the language and the subscription level for the members, used for sharing Group activities with them. Click on “Create” to save 365 8 group details
  9. Group created will be displayed on your screen.
    office 365 9 display group


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